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Automotive Tinting

There are many reasons why you should tint your car, truck or SUV.window tinting suwanee georgia

Tint for your vehicle provides the following benefits:

Window Tint provides UV Protection

Tinting the windows on your car helps protect your interior from the harmful effects of the Sun. Most professional grade window films block up to 99% of UV transmission, which does the most damage to leather, vinyl and other interior fabrics and materials. If your auto stays in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, the damage is greatly increased without this added window film protection.

Privacy/ Security

Glass tinting provides a measure of privacy and security. It is harder for individuals to look into the interior of your car with tint installed on your windows. Glass tinting also gives the window added strength in the event that someone attempts to break the glass to gain entry into your car or truck, and thereby slowing their progress.

Glare Reduction

Harsh glare can be a safety hazard and can cause you to lose some of your visibility depending on the direction that you have your attention focused on. Tinting the glass on your vehicle allows you to see more clearly, and helps to give you a clearer view of oncoming traffic and potential problems associated with reduced vision due to glare. Tint also makes it easier to deal with high beam headlights.

Injury Due To Glass Breakage

In the event of an auto accident, window film provides a safety net of sorts to help keep broken glass from flying through the cabin of the car, thus reducing possible injury from occurring. Auto tint has a high tensile strength, and due to the adhesive properties built into the window film, broken glass is held together once a window has been broken to a great window tinting suwanee ga.

Heat Rejection

Window tint has a high heat rejection rate that will help to keep the cabin cooler in the summer months, providing greater comfort to you and other occupants. Your auto air conditioner will not have to work as hard after your auto tint install to keep the interior cool, thus increasing your fuel economy.

Skin Protection

The sun produces a tremendous amount of UV light transmission. Tinting the glass on you auto reduces these harmful rays almost completely, with only 1% being transmitted through the glass. The Skin Cancer Foundation has given window film its seal of approval for reducing the harmful effects of UV light, and is recommended by doctors to give individuals an added measure of protection.

Cool Custom Look

Cars that have their windows tinted just look better aesthetically. It doesn’t matter what type of vehicle that you drive, window tint provides the finishing touch to complement the over all appearance.

Window Tinting Suwanee Georgia

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