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Window Tinting For Your Car
So you have your new car now, and you are ready to give it that added layer of protection. Or you have had a car for a period of time, and have done some research on window tinting. Maybe you are tired of the constant heat you experience when you are driving your car. It could be that you have noticed some fading as a result of damage from the sun.

Regardless of the reason "why" you are looking to get the glass tinted on your car, truck or SUV, window tinting can be one of the best investments you will ever make because of all the good that it provides and benefits that you receive by having a professional grade film installed on your vehicle.

Window Tinting Reviews
So where do you go from here, and how do you decide what company is possibly going to do the installation for you? Fortunately, there are tons of resources for you to look at in order to make a smart decision, and qualify a company to do the work. So what are the best resources available?

If you are going to look at the review profile of companies that offer window tinting services, a great place to start is doing acar window tinting Google Search. Put in the keyword "window tinting" or "window tinting near me", and the results that come back will give you a great start on doing the proper research, and help you find a great company to do business with. You can also broaden your search by using the keywords using a city name with the keyword, or just playing around with the map listing that comes up by zooming in or out, or adjusting it left or right.

Once all the results are in, now you can begin to narrow down the choices available to you based on some of the criteria that is important to help you make a decision. Maybe it will help you make a choice based on the location of potential shops that are near you. If the reviews of companies that offer window tinting in your area aren't satisfactory, expand your radius and look farther from where you live. If getting the best installation possible is important to you, maybe this is something you should consider. Certainly not all shops are equal in quality and performance. Reading reviews on people that have had window tinting installed on their cars by these businesses will give you an idea on what to expect. Do they have a great Google Review profile? Or are there a lot of people that voice their displeasure with the work, or the experience they had with some of the companies that offer this service.

Remember this important fact: Window Tinting for your car should be a one time purchase. Selecting the right shop is vitally important, because you will read from some of the comments in reviews how well the films that the shop carries hold up over time. Another important aspect is to see if the same customers come back over and over again. Would someone come back if they are not happy with the results?

Make Sure To Check The Shops' Overall Review Score
So maybe you have a few selections narrowed down as to what company you might want to use. What should be the next criteriatruck window tinting you might focus on?

The current review score should be a great indicator for you to consider as well as comments that people make. why is this important? Maybe a company has a ton of reviews, and you dont want to read all of them. Maybe you just went through the first page or so to get a sense of the capability to deliver good service, and this might be enough information for you to make a decision. Here's the potential problem:

Maybe their overall rating is low, but have a ton of "good" reviews on the first page or so. So how does the review "score" come into the picture? The lower to review score is, the more bad reviews a company has overall. If you want the best window tinting work done that you can possibly get, pay attention to this critical scoring factor. Do the companies you are looking at have a 5 star rating? Would you even consider using a company that has less than 5 stars? The higher ratings typically mean that the quality of the work as well as how a company treats their customers is better than lower rated companies. This one critical factor in and of itself should be your prime concern, after all, if you are like most people, you want to deal with a reputable company that knows how to take care of business and does great work. This is the main reason review sites even exist, and that is to give you insight on what direction to go to help you make the right choice. So what are some other factors to consider? What do your personal friends have to say? Have you checked in on Facebook to see if any of them have used a company? Certainly Facebook Reviews also enter into the picture and you should consider this review source as well.

Reading "Bad" Reviews About Window Tinting For Your Car
Almost every company you research will have a number of bad reviews. Some bad reviews will be present over minor issues, andcar window tinting
some could be as a result of poor customer interaction. Sometimes companies might even do everything right, and they simply have had a difficult customer for any number of reasons. You know the type. There are some people out that that no matter how hard you try, will voice displeasure over one small issue or another. Some people will blow even the simplest issue out of proportion. Most professional companies will do their best to address the problem, and may even state that they want to see what they can do about it to have a happy customer
. Thats what great customer service is all about. Reading how a company responds to a poor review will tell you if they really care about the work they do, and what customers say about their service.

Should Reading A Few Bad Window Tinting Reviews Make You Disqualify A Company To Do The Work?
Well, that depends. To be frank, if a company has been in business for a long time, sooner or later a bad review is going to pop up. It is not natural to have a significant number of reviews, and not have any bad reviews. In a "perfect" world, companies would get "perfect" reviews. Mistakes are made, and we are all human. Some times those mistakes are what generates bad reviews forwindow tinting near me a company that does window tinting. It is inevitable. What should be your prime focus is what is the percentage of good reviews to bad reviews. Are they overwhelmingly good, or bad? That should be the determining factor considering that every now and then a bad review will be unavoidable. Addressing the review by someone at the company should be evident because Google allows the owner to either refute the review, or explain the situation. Not addressing bad reviews from the owner should raise a red flag. Companies that dont have something to say about a bad experience a customer may have had should give you a clue as to whether or not that company really cares about addressing customer concerns. Another great resource for reading reviews is Yelp Window Tinting . You should apply the same strategies outlined in this overview to find a great company.

Be careful with lower priced window tinting estimates - some companies will give you a great price, but will use a lower quality film on your car, home, or office windows. We will not cut corners by installing inferior window films. We have many different types of window tint , and some will last longer than others. 

About Glass Tiger Reviews
Reviews for Glass Tiger Window Tinting are very important to us. We know that people read our reviews to qualify us, and it holds our feet to the fire to deliver great service. We welcome reviews as well as ask for reviews from our customers. We will never compensate customers for giving our company a review like some of our competitors are engaged in. That is unethical, dishonest, and does not accurately convey how well a company provides its' services. 

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