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Car Paint Protection Films Lenox Park Georgia
The paint on your car needs protection from all sorts of damage that can come from many sources. Debris kicked up from cars that are driving in front of you can hit your cars finish at high speed, chipping or scratching the finish. So, what can you do to help minimize damage and give your car a fighting chance against this sort of damage?

Nothing works better or lasts longer than installing paint protection film on the front of your car. Also known as “clear bra”, this product is comprised of a thin layer of polyurethane film with an adhesive backing that bonds to the paint on your car. It is manufactured with chemical components that resist damage from UV light as well as color change or “yellowing” over time.

Damage to your cars surface can also happen due to acid rain fallout in the form of mineral deposits that can sit on your cars finish and embed into the porous structure of the paint. Over time, these contaminants can etch the surface of your paint, and would need extensive reconditioning to remove these deposits in order to restore your paint back to a factory finish. Damage from road debris could also possibly require having the damaged area repainted in a lot of cases.

This State of The Art protective laminate can help eliminate a lot of this damage, and will help you to maintain the original condition of the paint on your car.

The Installation Process

First and foremost, a clean surface is required to insure a contaminant free installation. Degreasers and solvents that do not harm your paint are used in this process to remove dirt, oils, or other contaminants. Wax is also removed in this process to insure proper adhesion to the cars paint.

The next part of the process is either cutting the material into sections for specific body panels to be covered. Once this is done and the surface has been properly prepped, the film is sprayed down with a slip agent that helps to move the film into the proper position, covering the desired surface area. Once this is done, the film is squeegeed dry with specially made tools to evacuate the water from underneath the film. All that remains at this point is the drying process that helps the film get a good grip on the surface. There is a period of time for the film to “cure”, and depending on weather conditions, it could possibly take as long as one month to be fully adhered to the painted surface.

Give us a call if you are interested in having this product installed on your cars painted surface for an added layer of protection.

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