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How Does Ceramic Coatings For Your Car Protect The Paint? | Ceramic Coating Benefits

Theses coatings do a great job repelling rainfall, road debris, and muddy conditions. Traditional waxes do not hold up very well over time. This is where ceramic car coatings come into play to extend protection over a much longer period of time. Unlike wax, these products last longer, do not need to be re-applied as often, and depending on your ceramic product selection, you literally could go a year or longer without a re-application.

Fallout from the atmosphere is another key area that ceramic coatings address like acid rain as well as other contaminates that fall onto your cars finish when it rains. These contaminants will actually bond to your paints finish, and over time the accumulation of mineral deposits and other chemicals that fall on your paint will begin to degrade the finish, and without proper care, the factory finish will begin to look dull and unattractive. Oxidation begins to occur, and this can lead to rust if it is not addressed.

Using a professional grade ceramic coating product will extend the life of your paint, and keep it looking sharp for years if you follow proper maintenance guidelines. Once these coatings are applied, it will actually provide protection in the form of a molecular bond to the paint. This type of coating is much tougher than a traditional wax, and bonds to the paint as a hardened protective layer. The hardness of the application will help resist scratches, harsh chemicals and mineral deposits that can collect in the pores of your cars painted finish.

Your paint is under constant attack if it sits out in the open, and not in a garage. Dirt, mud, brake dust and bird droppings are just a few of the contaminates your paint has to withstand on a consistent basis if it is not under some sort of shelter. Applying ceramic coatings on all your cars exterior surfaces makes it easy to wash off and repel these daily problems.

Exceptional glossy finish. Do you want to give your car that “wet” glossy look? Ceramic coatings are perfectly suited for this type of look. It does not “dull” out in a short period of time like waxes, lasts longer, and rejects UV light which accelerates the process of breaking down the brightness of your cars finish.

Avoid automatic car washes. Over time, this type of car wash will degrade the cars paint, and is a poor way to clean your car if you want the paint to last and look great. Small micro scratches start to accumulate in the clear coat, dulling the shine.

There Are Many Types Of Ceramic Coatings For Cars

A very common ceramic product used extensively is either an epoxy or a polymer-based coating. Either of these different types provide a strong chemical bond that helps resist damage. The major benefit of these coatings is the fact that they do not wash off over time. In order to remove the coating, it would require paint reconditioning and buffing in order to take the finish off your cars’ paint.

Another popular coating is a quartz ceramic coating. These coatings typically provide the hardest finish that also lasts the longest without having to do a maintenance re-application. Due to the hardness of this type of ceramic coating, applying this product to your cars paint will preserve the beauty and luster of your cars paint, and can withstand the harshest conditions, repelling dirt, contaminants, and chemical fallout.

Ceramic car coatings  were originally brought to market in order to serve the aerospace industry, and just naturally found its way into automotive applications. Nano-technology is part of the science behind ceramic coatings, and because of the small size of the particles, they can actually seal all the pours in the painted surface (once the paint has had reconditioning work applied), creating a hydrophobic surface that resists and repel rain and contaminants from sitting on the cars’ surface.

So How Long Will Ceramic Coatings for My Car’s Paint Last?

Just like any other product on the market, there are varying degrees of quality. How long it lasts depend entirely on the right product choice for your budget. If you want to keep your car’s finish looking “showroom” new, without having to do continuous maintenance, a professional grade level product should be considered.

Professional application. Bear in mind that applying a ceramic coating for your paint is not like doing a traditional wax application. There are many factors that come into play to get that showroom finish. First of all, is the paint in good condition? Does your car’s finish need some re-conditioning work to remove contaminants and scratches before the coating is applied?

Your ceramic coating will only turn out exceptional if these issues are addressed before it is applied. The paint re-conditioning and correction process is time consuming, can be daunting for a “do it yourself” type of person, and if not done correctly will affect the overall appearance.

Hardness. The “harder” the finish is the better. A ceramic coating for your car with a “hardness” indicator of 9H means that this finish is at the diamond level of hardness on the durometer scale.

Glass Tiger only uses Professional Grade Ceramic Chemicals manufactured by Gtechniq, leading the world in Ceramic Coating Technology:

Crystal Serum Ultra | Crystal Serum Light | EXO and Crystal Serum Light | EXO and C1 Crystal Lacquer | G1 ClearVision Smart Glass | C2 Liquid Crystal | HALO Flexible Film Coating | EXOv4 Ultra Durable Hydrophobic Coating

GTechniq Nano-Ceramic Videos

Ceramic Coatings Photos

Ceramic Coating Pricing

Ceramic Coatings

  • C2 Liquid Crystal - $60-$75 
    -Liquid Crystal is unmatched in its ability to make any vehicle you have shine like the sun and stay cleaner longer. 
    -Provides excellent protection against dirt and debris buildup on your car..
    -6 months protection.
  • EXO - $165-$300
    -EXO provides a hard coat that repels water and makes any water spots easy to remove, and resists chemicals that may inadvertently fall on your car finish. Resistant to salt and car wash chemicals as well, and the finished product produces a very high gloss look.  
    -18 months protection.
  • HALO Flexible Film Coating - $165-$300
    -HALO protects most paint protection films as well as wrap vinyl used to change the color of the vehicle.  
    -Rigorous real-world and laboratory testing has proven HALO to be compatible for gloss, matte, and satin vinyl and PPF.
    -It is also proven to work on self-healing films.
    -2 years protection. 
  • Crystal Serum Light - $300-$390
    -Serum Light delivers a very durable coating that bonds chemically to your car's finish, and is optically clear. 
    -Gloss and shine longevity is significantly improved.
    -This dense ceramic coating resists a lot of chemicals, as well as fallout debris from trees, birds, road tar, and makes any of these problems easy to remove. 
    -5 years of guaranteed protection
  • CSL Black - $400-$800 
  • Topping this coating with EXO creates a hydro phobic coating, as well as a brilliant high gloss finish.
  • Crystal Serum Ultra - $460-$620
    -This product provides the best finish you can get and enhances a glossy look that will essential prolong the life of the paint on your car. 
    -This finish is excellent in it's ability to resist swirl marks because of the hardness of the coating. 
    -Better than other "standard" ceramic coatings, Ultra resists even the strongest chemical fallout as well as droppings from birds and tree debris. 
    -9 Year Guarantee. 

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