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Car Window Tinting Dacula GeorgiaAtlanta gives Glass Tiger 5 Stars in Google Reviews! 50,000 installs and counting. Contact us and learn why we have been doing the same customers vehicles for more than twenty five years.

Auto window films are engineered to enhance your car's appearance, provide you with the performance you require, and protect your investment. Known for their quality, color stability, and patented scratch-resistant coating, all of the professional grade films that we install are long-lasting and virtually maintenance free.

When it comes to selecting the appropriate window tint for your vehicle, the market is vast. But you want more than options. You want the best option. Go with a high quality window film to provide the ultimate performance

Sun Protection
The sun’s rays can cause a car’s inner surface to become unbearably hot. Installing a high performance window film can reduce your car’s interior surface area temperature by up to 16°C (29°F)… creating a more comfortable ride, decreasing the burden on the air conditioning system, and saving gas.

Ultraviolet Protection
Ultraviolet (UV) rays can result in damage to a vehicle’s interior - and to human skin. Window film forms a protective screen that blocks as much as 99.9% of UV rays, which will keep your car’s interior looking newer, for a longer period, and safeguards you and your passengers from UV exposure which could promote cancer of the skin.

Personalize Your Ride
Do you want your automobile to stand out from the crowd? No matter if you'd like your ride to look sophisticated, or head turning hot, our window films can help make that happen. In fact, when you have films professionally installed on your car, you not only get the look you want, but you will also get a high performing, long lasting window film. With our unique variety of films available in many different colors and shades, you can choose a look for your automobile that really suits your style.

Enhance Style without Sacrificing Performance
Auto fanatics agree that window films are one of the most stylish accessories you can add to your car. However you don’t have to give up style and appearance to protect your self and your investment.

Additional Benefits:

  • Color-stable film that never turns purple
  • Will not bubble or peel
  • Durable scratch-resistant surfaces
  • Added privacy for you along with your possessions
  • A noticeable decrease in glare - up to 90%
  • A cooler, more comfortable interior

Georgia Window Tint Laws

What Are The Current Car Window Tinting Laws In Georgia?

Darkness of tint is measured by Visible Light Transmission percentage (VLT%). In Georgia, this percentage refers to percentage of visible light allowed in through the combination of film and the window.

Passenger Car Window Tint:

  • Windshield Non-reflective tint is allowed on the top 6 inches of the windshield
  • Front Side Window Tint Must allow more than 32% of light in
  • Back Side Window Tinting Must allow more than 32% of light in
  • Rear Window Auto Tint Must allow more than 32% of light in

Trucks, Vans, And SUV Window Tinting:
Only the front door tinting is regulated on these vehicles. You are allowed to go as dark as you would like on all the windows behind the front 2 doors. Consult with one of our professional installers about the proper window tinting percentages for your vehicle before making a window film purchase.

How Reflective can car window tinting be in Georgia?
Similar to sunglass lenses, some tinting films contain metallic elements that help in reflecting incoming light and reducing the glare and heat generated by visible light.

  • Front Side Window Tint Must not be more than 20% reflective
  • Back Side Window Tinting Films Must not be more than 20% reflective

Other Window Tinting Film Rules and Regulations for Car Window Tinting in Georgia.

Restricted Colors:
The tint color(s) of RED are not legal by state law.

Side Mirrors:
No restrictions.

Medical Exemptions:
The state of Georgia allows medical exemptions to tint windows on your automobile. For more details about the specific terms of the exemption, consult your state law.

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