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Have You Thought About Protecting Your Home or Auto With Window Films?

A lot of the key benefits you will see below also apply to window films for your home. Direct exposure to the sun can do enormous damage to interior furnishings if you dont provide some sort of screen that stops or filters out these harmful rays. If you have direct exposure and dont have a protective film installed on your home's glass, the only option is to use shutters or blinds as a defense. Of course this option eliminates your view to the outside world. Why have big beautiful windows in your home if you cant enjoy the view?

With the proper window film installed, you get the best of both worlds: Viewing the outside world while enjoying the benefit of not having to worry that the sun is damaging your homes valuable interior furnishings, or suffering from the excessive heat that is transferred through your glass as a result of direct exposure.

As far as your car is concerned, the same damage can happen with your car interior if you dont give it the same protection. We park or car in direct sunlight a lot of the time when we go shopping, go out for entertainment or for some other reason we have to park in direct sunlight. Even just traveling on the roads expose your car and its interior to these damaging rays.

Read on to find out more information on how window films for your car provide an extra layer of security for your interior, and the added benefit of increased comfort for your and your passengers.

Just Some Key Benefits Of Using Llumar Brand Window Films For Your Car

Decreased Temperature – The most commonly thought of benefit is lowering the temperature inside of your vehicle. The exact amount of heat rejection will depend on the quality of film you have installed, but any film will be better than none, especially during those scorching Georgia summers.

Ultraviolet Ray Protection – Getting your windows tinted also gives you the benefit of protecting you from the harmful UV rays the sun emits. Similar to the heat rejection, the amount of UV protection will largely depend on the quality of film, with most top quality films offering 99% UV protection like the Llumar products we carry.
Privacy – Having your windows tinted can also offer a layer of protection and privacy to your vehicle. By making it harder for people to see through your windows, this is a great deterrent for a common thief. If they are unable to see what is in your car, they are much more likely to try for easier pickings.

Protects your Interior – Since the window tint is preventing most of the harmful UV rays from reaching your interior, the look and integrity will be maintained for a much longer period of time. Your dash, seats, and any leather interior will survive much longer without fading and cracking thanks to the protection your window tint is offering.

Aesthetic Appeal – Not only are you getting great, protective benefits from the film, but it looks great too! Window film adds to the overall style and appearance of your vehicle, giving it a nice dark look. That’s why every car advertisement you see has tinted windows! While there are what some people consider to be cons to window tinting as well, they are mostly just legal hang ups that can be quickly and easily avoided. Our professionals at Glass Tiger Tinting are up to date on Georgia tinting laws and will be able to easily guide you towards to best decision for tinting your vehicle. 
Police Attention – The commonly listed con for window tinting is bringing more police attention to bear on you and your vehicle. However, following the listed Georgia laws and regulations for window tinting will easily keep this attention off of you. Police like to be able to see into your vehicle, as it is a safety hazard for them if they cannot. Because of this there is an established legal limit for how dark you can get tint installed on your vehicle, a simple enough thing to work with and around.

Visibility - Although tints are in fact designed to allow you to easily see through the windows from the inside, there is still a bit of a lower visibility threshold compared to not having tint on the windows. Most people won’t have an issue with this, but some people with impaired vision may have difficulties with certain types of tint, or different shades of tint. This can be especially true at night or while passing through a covered tunnel.
Peeling/Fading – This used to be a larger problem in the past, though it can still be seen on many vehicles today. Lower quality films can certainly peel/fade/change color/or begin to bubble up after a certain amount of years. The good news is with our much advanced window film technology today, many of these issues are behind us. Both of the Llumar products we carry are color stable films with life time warranties included with them. This means these films are guaranteed to never change color or fade, peel or bubble up, and if they do we replace it for free.

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