Finding The Best Window Film Dealer | How To Qualify Shops To Tint Your Car In Atlanta GA.

Glass Tiger Tinting Video - How To Qualify A Professional Shop To Tint Your Car in Atlanta

The video on this page will give you some good advice on how to qualify the right shop to tint your car here in Atlanta. There are so many shops that do this work, so how do you know who to go with?

The people speaking in the video are actual professional dealers that offer the same products that Glass Tiger Tinting has to offer, and are certified Llumar window film dealers.

The advice they give is pretty sound, and basic. Do your homework, check reviews, pay attention to how professional the dealer you call is in explaining the film options and recommendations. Most people are not window film experts. A lot of shops "sound" like they are, but this could not be farther from the truth.

Reviews from other people that have done business with the shops you see online speaks volumes on how they take care of business. 

The bottom line: Do the proper research on dealers in Atlanta, and take your time to make sure that they are actual professionals in the field. Call around. Ask a lot of questions. Dont be afraid to admit that you dont understand some of the verbiage the dealer may be using explaining the products they carry. A shop that is truly interested in earning your business wont rush you off the phone, but will educate you on the different film options available.

This is where we shine. We will teach you everything you need to know about the films we carry in order for you to make the best on a film that meets all your requirements.

Give us a call. You will be glad you did, and thanks for dropping in!

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