UV Films for skin conditions

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UV Films for skin conditions

We have a fair amount of requests for window films that stop the UV light because of an existing medical problem a customer may have. The UV light from the sun can irritate the skin of some people that have certain skin conditions. By tinting all the windows on the car, this sort of radiation is almost entirely eliminated because all of the window films that we have stops 99% of all UV light.

Since we all spend a large portion of time in our cars, having this type of protection can help people with these types of problems drive without worrying about over exposure to the suns damaging rays. In fact, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends window films as an important accessory to have to help eliminate this problem.

In addition to the UV light that is rejected, a large amount of the IR spectrum is also negated, making passengers in the car more comfortable, as well as helping the cars air conditioning unit work more efficiently. This also in turn can actually help with gasoline conservation because the AC unit does not have to work as hard to keep the cabin cooler.

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