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Ceramic Automobile Window Tinting Films

PanaFlex Ceramic Car Window FilmsPanaflex ceramic window film

New technology is coming down the pipe. Ceramic window tinting films are gaining in popularity because of the massive heat rejection properties that they possess. Of all the films available on the market today, ceramic tint does the best job on the heat rejection performance side. Although they are more expensive, they are a better value simply because of the performance characteristics. Why buy tinting for your car windows and not have this as well?

All films are not created equal. Some do a good job for privacy, UV light rejection, and give your car a cool custom look, but unless you specifically ask for tinted window film that stops heat, you may be disappointed in the performance. Our PanaFlex Ceramic Car Window Film has an outstanding heat rejection rate, and is guaranteed to provide exceptional performance.

We have films that will give you all the benefits, and choosing our ceramic auto glass tinting film will keep you cooler in the summer heat, and provide protection against damaging UV light. Call or stop by and see out in shop demonstration.

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