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 Value is defined by Merriam-Webster as “a fair return or equivalent in goods, services, or money for something exchanged.” Value is subjective and is best achieved when the consumer has full knowledge of what they’re purchasing. Many customers do their research, but it seems just as many, if not more, don’t. The customers who don’t do their research can sometimes be the toughest. Our tint shop is not the cheapest, but that’s because we don’t use the cheapest product. If our customer can see the value in having a superior product, then we are worth the money to that person. We also stand by our work. If our customer can see the value in having a company that is concerned with their satisfaction, then we are worth the money to that person. Customers won’t unanimously value one thing over another; it varies from person to person. Educating each customer is our goal. Showing them the many benefits of window tint helps them figure out how valuable it is to them, and that helps them spend accordingly. If we have an uneducated customer then why would they choose the $175 price over the $100 price? They won’t because most customers think as I once did: window tint is nothing more than aesthetic. 

One common fact that is unknown to many of our customers is that you can tint the windows on your home or business. Many people think tint is specific to cars only, and are surprised to find out they can tint their home. There is tremendous value to tinting your car: reduced heat and sun glare, uv protection, and glass strengthening. But when it comes to your home or business, the value is unmatched. Many homeowners who don’t know that they can tint their home or business usually resort to buying window blinds to reduce the sun’s effects, which can cost thousands of dollars. For each window a customer has estimated for blinds, they could have estimated for window tint at a fraction of the price while actually providing insulation, decreasing A/C workload, and maintaining their views: things blinds cannot accomplish. But that’s not all window tint does for homes: increased security, UV protection to prevent the sun from fading priceless home accents, and increased privacy. Window film is the cheapest, and most effective retro-fit for existing glass in regards to energy conservation, reduced heat and glare, and security.

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