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Interior And Exterior Detailing Services For Your Car Are Now Available At Glass Tiger!

Glass Tiger Is Pleased To Announce That We Now Offer Professional Detailing Services For Your Car, Truck, Or SUV! Interior, Exterior Detail Packages, Ceramic Paint Coatings, and Paint Reconditioning Service. Please Go To The Detailing Tab For Info!

Special Pricing - Llumar Ceramic CTX | ATR Hybrid | Air80 Films ONLY

From time to time, we will be offering special pricing if you are looking to get a great deal. We do this sometimes to fill slots on slow days, days where we have a lot of cancellations and need to fill available appointment slots, or for off season deals that you can take advantage of.

If we have a slot available on the day you come to our site and open this page, we will clearly state if we are offering a deal for you to take advantage of. If a deal is not available, then there will not be a date listed, and "No Deal Available For Today" will be shown. 

We will give you an attractive discount off our regular price if you make an appointment on days where deals are active

Why You Should Tint Your Entire Windshield:

  • The windshield is usually the largest glass in your auto.
  • You have a ton of heat transfer into the cabin because of its size.
  • Our Llumar Air80 film stops 99% of damaging UV light. Prevents fading.
  • The application results in a huge decrease in heat gain.

Why You Should Tint Your Sunroof:

  • We hear it all the time: "I love my sunroof, but its too hot in the summer to use it."
  • The sunroof allows the greatest heat transfer into your car, more than any other glass.
  • Installing Air80 kills the heat, and makes it comfortable to use anytime of year.


Sun-X Package | Llumar Ceramic CTX - 2 or 4 Door Car | Truck | SUV

All Side Windows And Rear Glass .
Air80 Windshield Only.


Sunblocker Package - Llumar Ceramic CTX | Air80.

Windshield And One Sunroof.
Air80 Windshield Only.
Standard Sunroof Only.
Ask About "Panoramic" Pricing.

We Have Deals Available For Today!


Hybrid Package | Llumar ATR - 2 Door, 4 Door Car Only

All Side Windows And Rear Glass.


Tint Essentials Package - Llumar Ceramic CTX | Air80

Front Doors And Windshield.
Air80 Windshield Only.

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