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About Metallized Films


Metallized Films

Some people ask for reflective films, more commonly known as “metalized films”. Years ago, these films were fairly common and popular. Now that most new cars have a lot of technology built into them such as Navigation systems, ON Star, and other devices that transmit data either through the air waves, or by infrared, in some cases these films can cause you some problems with reception. Metalized films can cause poor cellular reception as well as loss of AM radio reception in some instances. We don’t recommend these types of films for the most part because of these potential problems. These films are also not very attractive due to the reflective nature of the construction, and don’t mesh well with any color combination except for maybe a silver car.

Make sure that when you are shopping for the right window film for your car, you select a film that is more neutral in appearance that will not detract from the overall color scheme on your car. We try to match good performance with good looks when helping potential customers select a film for their car. Not all films are created equal, and choosing a film that will give you all the benefits you want without any signal interference is what you should be looking for.

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