Infrared Heat Rejection

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IR Heat Explained


Infrared radiation is a form of heat also known as thermal radiation. This type of radiation is made from the movement that atoms or molecules do on the surface of any object or material that it comes in contact with. If the temperature gets higher, this movement of molecules increases in speed, producing more radiation.

IR wavelengths are between visible light and the microwave portion of the light spectrum. These wavelengths are longer than what we experience from visible light, and are also shorter than the wavelength of the microwave spectrum of light.

Ceramic window films are designed to attack this spectrum of the radiation that comes from the sun, and you will feel a remarkable difference between untreated glass as opposed to a car that has this type of film installed. Our best performing film, PanaFlex, is a bit more expensive than other conventional films that we have, but it is a better value.

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