Heat Absorption and Privacy Window Films

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Heat Absorption and Privacy Window Films

It is important that if you have made the decision to tint the windows on your home or office that you consider these tips to help you not only choose the right film, but that you make a selection that will accomplish everything you need.

People have the common misconception that all window films will "hide" you completely from people looking into your home or office  or automobile. Even though all window films provide a measure of "privacy", they are not manufactured to be a true one way window film. Depending on what film you choose, people will still be able to see you to some extent.

It is also important that you understand that some films are not made for certain types of glass that may be installed on your home or office. All films absorb heat, and this heat can cause issue with the glass if it is too high. In some cases glass failure may occur, such as fracturing as a result on an improper film choice.

All films have "specifications" that clearly state what is safe to install on certain windows, and this should be carefully looked at to make sure there will not be any problems in the future as a result of selecting a film that has a high heat absorption rate.
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