What is TSER?

Explaining TSER

There are shops that install window films here in Atlanta that will show you film specifications and one of the topics that will come up for discussion is something called TSER. This acronym stands for “Total Solar Energy Rejected". The TSER rating for films can vary greatly, depending on the film type, who makes it, and what the film is designed to do.

Some shop owners will tell you that TSER is how much “heat” is rejected. This is not a true statement. TSER is made up of all the visible light, UV light, and heat that is transmitted from the sun. The only way to actually tell how much heat is rejected is to put it in front of a heat source, like an infrared bulb. This type of bulb will give you an accurate representation of how much heat is rejected, and you will be able to feel this if you put your hand in from of a piece of film in front of this bulb.

We have an in shop demonstration that we use to educate customers on how films perform and you will see a remarkable difference between the heat rejection capabilities based on what type of film is shown. Not all films are designed to stop heat. Some films are for privacy only, with UV protection built in. If you want a film that stops heat transfer, you have to ask for this specifically, otherwise you might not be getting what you need.

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