There are many places that you can purchase window films if you are a DIY type of person. The quality of the film can vary wildly form place to place depending on where you purchase your film. Installing the product can be difficult, and if you want to try it yourself, having the right installation tools is extremely important in the outcome.

You have to use be able to handle the material carefully in order to not damage the film in the process. Cleaning the windows is also a very important step in having a successful installation. You should use a razor blade to scrape down the entire window using a combination of soap and water. Use a professional squeegee to clean the window with and make sure that there are no contaminates under the window film when you do the installation.

We recommend using an olfa knife to cut out the film to shape, and this is generally done on the outside of the window because of ease of access. Make sure that the glass on the outside is also cleaned thoroughly before you place film on the glass to cut. Any particles of dust or dirt can easily be transferred onto the film, and could work itself onto the install side of the glass if you are not careful.

There is a release liner that needs to be pulled back from the adhesive side of the film before you fit the film to the glass, and the adhesive side should be thoroughly wet. Make sure you are in a clean environment when you are installing film. This can dramatically affect the outcome. If possible, work in and enclosed are that also will break any wind movement. If the wind is blowing hard, it will usually be blowing dust and dirt, and this can cause you to have a dirty install. It is also recommended that you wash the car before working on it, and this will help with a better, clean install of your window film.

If you want to learn some of the techniques involved in putting film on your car glass, Youtube is a great resource for learning proper installation procedures.

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